The modern MBA program has refined the learning process into an assembly line focused on ushering students into admissions and out the back door.

In the process we learn all the definitions and big words, but stop short of understanding the concepts.

The education system has conditioned us to take tests, not solve problems. To go through the motions, but not invest our emotional capital. To forsake meaningful connections for a GPA.

We learn follow instructions, and let someone else make the decisions

We assume if we follow those instructions, and learn the traditional subjects (e.g., economics, accounting, finance, marketing, etc.), learn the big words and confusing numbers like everyone else, then we will to be educated.

At the free MBA we leverage conventional education to make unconventional connections and bring our ideas to life.

We forsake traditional classes and structured semesters, all subjects bleed into one. We remove the manacles from our education and obtain a truly valuable MBA with which we are free to do what we never thought we could.

The curriculm here at the Free MBA is learning to solve interesting problems and leading.