The Project

The Free MBA Philosophy:
We all dream up ideas. However, often dreams remain dreams. We all have reasons (lack of time, talent, education, etc) for not investing the time to let our ideas migrate from the nebulous dream-world into reality. Frankly, these "reasons" are really excuses.

This project is about not making excuses, investing the time and energy into a dreams, and bringing it to life. A chance to feel passionate.

How the Project Came Be:
In the media and in ourselves, we are ingrained with archetypes of success, which most people pursue. They say in order to be successful, “Find someone you want to be, and then become them”. This is where me and them diverge in opinion.

I dream no matter economic or social status of a world where you find out who you are, then share it. That’s success. Popular culture makes it taboo—too touchy feely. For me the driving force which has propelled me forward in life has been education. And, this drive to learn is a common denominator for those people who are truly successful. Along the traditional path only the privileged have had the means to obtain such an education. As such, most highly educated people had one thing I didn’t/still don’t-- the money to attend those high-priced institutions.

So, slowly and steadily, I started to dream..what if money was not such a barrier to entry. What if, my education only depended upon my drive and willingness to work for it. I realized this dream or idea  was to obtain/provide an education that does not discriminate based on financial means.

Thus the Free MBA Project was born. A “free” education with which you are Free to do what you never thought you could. For me, I never thought I could give my ideas credence and a place in this world, but in time the education I get in the process of this project will allow that to happen.