Friday, March 25, 2011

One thing about business that intimidates me is understanding finance. Heck, I am an accountant and most of the concepts make my head spin. In the world of finance, it seems like everyone knows more than you. Someone has the edge with the latest information or a reason to buy this stock or sell that one, all with the aim of attaining that short-term profit, unable to focus and see what lies beyond the their short-sighted gaze.

However, we can choose to focus on the long-term where all the present up's and down's of the short-term smooth towards one upward trend of unlimited potential.

So in that spirit we're starting the next course: A Buffet of Warren Buffet's Letters to Shareholders' of Berkshire Hathaway. There's a twist--We'll start with the most recent and work backwards and hopefully use hindsight to our advantage.